Solid Solutions to Your Chemical Needs

Solid Solutions to Your Chemical Needs

Solid feed options are one of the significant improvements in water treatment in recent years.

Today, all applications can be met with solid feed options. While there are different feed packages, pretty much all applications are covered. Cooling tower, boiler and closed loop systems can all be maintained with solid chemicals.

Advantages of Solid Chemical Delivery

Solid chemicals are highly concentrated. Because they don’t need water as a carrier or stabilizers to keep components in solution, they have a greater concentration of active ingredients, and are responsible for lower discharge of harmful chemicals into local waterways.

Being concentrated also makes them a great choice for hard-to-get-to equipment, like a roof-top cooling tower. Instead of rolling a heavy drum of dangerous chemicals through the corridors of a school or hospital, just place a few cardboard boxes on a cart and wheel it easily to the destination. Because they’re concentrated, they’re cheaper to ship and easier to store.

Solid chemicals are also more environmentally friendly. Because they’re smaller and lighter, they have a smaller carbon footprint in terms of transportation. Packaging is reduced and may be largely composed of recyclable cardboard boxes. Container disposal is safer and easier, generating far less waste for the landfills. Less spillage means less environmental contamination. They’re less wasteful, typically resulting in 100% consumption of the chemical at point of use. Use of solid chemicals may earn a building LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.

Solid chemicals are safer. From a chemical perspective, splash and spillage concerns are dramatically reduced. When a plant switches to solids, it can benefit from a cheaper and cleaner chemical workstation and storage area. Chemical containment is no longer a constant consideration. Solids are premixed, so chemical handling is minimized. From a physical perspective, smaller lighter crates of product are far safer and easier to handle than big heavy drums. A full 55-gallon drum can weigh 300-400 pounds.

Solid chemicals save time, labor and money

If you’re interested in saving time, labor and money with solid chemicals, Chemtex has plenty to offer.

We have inhibitors, both with and without tracers. Some are formulated for hard-to-treat water. Some are designed to provide superior scale and corrosion protection. Concentrated biocides are also available. How concentrated? How about 1ppm feed rate, or 1 pound to 100,000 gallons of water. We also offer cleaners and biodispersants.

In the case of boiler chemicals, we carry solid options for sulfites, alkalinity builders, all-in-one treatments, sludge conditioners and amines.

Ultimately, switching to solid chemicals—even just a partial switch—can save money, increase safety, and improve the plant’s environmental impact. Curious? Give us a call at Chemtex and we’re happy to walk you through your options.