Chemical Feed

Proper Boiler Chemical Feed Points

Proper Boiler Chemical Feed Points

Boiler plants vary. So do their chemical demands, and their capacities for chemical feeding.

It is important to choose the optimal injection points for chemicals. This is essential for achieving the greatest flexibility as well as the best protection for your system.

Larger boiler plants have many chemical feed points and metering pumps, while sometimes in smaller systems, there is only one feed point: Either to the feedwater, or to the deaerator.

In a small plant, determining the feed point is easy, due to lack of options. However, in a large plant there will be different capabilities for feeding chemicals, and the plant’s requirements will vary more broadly.

If you run a smaller plant and rely on a single all-in-one chemical, increasing the dose of one specific component will result in all chemical levels increasing.

Multiple Chemical Feed Points in Larger Boiler Plants 

These multiple feed points offer operators the best control. With individual feed points for each chemical, operators can dial in chemical residual for optimal boiler performance.

By administering specific chemistries through individual chemical feeds fine-tuning the chemical balance in multiple boilers is much easier.

Sulfite is generally fed directly to the deaerator storage section.

Chemical Feed
Chemical Feed

Condensate treatment is often fed into the steam header. In this case, be sure that injection points permits condensate protecting chemical to exit with steam in all steam lines leaving the plant.

Chemical Feed Points Play Critical Role

Chemical feed points play an important role in boiler operations. It’s a balancing act: A smaller boiler may have simpler operations, but it is still important to have flexibility and proper chemical control. Larger plant often have the control variables to allow more fine-tuning- it is needed in a more complicated plant.

Whatever size of type of plant you are running, Chemtex is standing by to help you get the most out of it. Talk to us for assistance in maximizing efficiency, minimizing chemical and utility use, and prolonging the life of your system. We have got the experience and know-how to keep your boiler running all winter long.

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