Boiler GPS Program

Boiler GPS

Boiler efficiency depends on a wide range of factors. With so many inputs, it can be challenging to isolate the factors that matter and to evaluate whether efforts and investments are paying off.


Chemtex developed its Boiler GPS program to help isolate those factors and do the math for you, so you can fine-tune your strategies for energy efficiency, chemical applications and evaluate investment strategies for cost reduction.


This innovative program that tracks the energy flows in and out of the boiler room and will analyze that data, accurately tracking the mass, volumetric, energy and cost flows of the following:

• Makeup water

• Feedwater

• Blowdown losses

• Fuel usage

• Stack losses

• Total steam production

• Steam available for use

• Steam to the deaerator

• Condensate return

• Blowdown heat recovery

• Flash steam recovery


Questions about the Chemtex GPS Program and how it can help you? Your Chemtex Representative can explain the ways GPS can help you run a more efficient system.