Solid Feed Equipment

Solid Feed Equipment

Solid feed chemicals are often a good alternative for adding water treatment chemicals. They have lots of advantages, including being lighter and easier to transport and store, and less prone to potentially dangerous spilling and splashing.

Adopting solid chemicals requires switching to special feed equipment made specifically for solid chemical products.

How Solid Feed Works

Solid product may be fed from jugs or disks. If the dispenser has the capacity, multiple disks can stack on top of each other for larger feed demands.

Solid feeders use on-site water to dissolve solid chemicals. The feeders include a basin below the dissolving spray of water, where the dissolved product is collected, and hoses or other conduits to feed the dilute solution to the system.

A relatively large volume of water will be needed to dilute the chemical and transport it. For this reason, the chemical pump capacity often needs to accommodate a high capacity in the range of 30 to 50 gallons per day.

Once installed, solid chemical jugs and disks are easy to handle and place on feeders. It’s a simple, clean and easy strategy for administering water treatment chemicals.

Solid Feed Turnkey Solutions Are Available

Solid feed stations can be ordered complete. This includes all chemical feeders, pumps and sensors in place and ready to go. Installation requirements include bringing water to the solid chemical station and returning it to the system.

We have solid chemicals to apply in every application. Sometimes they are the best alternative. Talk to Chemtex: we can help you review your circumstances and evaluate whether it’s the right choice for your application.