Cooling System Start-Up: Prepping the System

Cooling System Start-Up: Prepping the System

Remember way, way back last fall?

Summer came to its bittersweet end. Back-to-school, Halloween costumes, crimson leaves, pumpkin pie… and shutting down the cooling tower.

Of course, you shut it down properly, since you’re a Chemtex reader.

You cleaned the cooling tower. You cleaned the chemical feed equipment. You flushed the chemical pumps with water. You stored the controller probes properly in storage solution (pH, ORP, Cl).

You cleaned the condensers. You made sure they were properly laid up and treated, and then drained. Immediately after draining, you brushed the tubes.

Good job!

Well, the weather is warming and tower start-up season has returned – a little earlier than usual.

Prep the Cooling System

Take advantage of the jump on the summer cooling season.

Getting ahead of the game at start-up ensures better protection, greater efficiency, and it’s just generally taking good care of your essential and expensive equipment.

Check your chemical inventory. Do you have what you need?

Make sure you’ve got the supplies of start-up inhibitor, biocide and inhibitor you require to get your cooling system on-line right.

Chemtex is by your side: Cooling season, warming season, all seasons. Please give us a call with any questions at all. We are here to help you keep your cool, all year round.

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