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The True Cost of a Water Treatment Program

The True Cost of a Water Treatment Program

Like any business, you need to maximize your margins, minimize expenses, and reduce waste. Your HVAC expenses are no exception. At Chemtex, we are your partner in trying to trim these costs. Here’s some insight from the world of water treatment to help you understand this complex issue.

When evaluating a water treatment program, please recognize that chemicals generally make up a fraction of the costs. Some advertisements and vendors may encourage you to focus on this expense, but it’s important to remember that chemical costs are just a small portion of your expenses when compared to your total operating costs. It’s equally important to recognize that chemicals play an important role in keeping everything in balance, which is actually the best way to save money over the long run.

Reducing Chemical Expenses Can Increase Other Expenses

Consider this example:

Company Z spends $100,000 annually on fuel costs to operate a boiler plant. Their annual chemical expenditures could, realistically, run about $2,200. An effective water treatment program can minimize fuel use by keeping boilers clean or reducing scale; which might save 1-2% of fuel, or about $1,000-2,000.

water treatment cost

If there’s a misguided effort to save on chemicals alone, the plant might see more blowdown or an increase of scale along with increased fuel costs. If someone promises you a savings of 20% on chemicals, about $440 in savings; the savings could easily be cancelled out by increased fuel costs.

Also remember that water treatment helps preserve the integrity of the equipment you depend on. Company Y operates a chiller with an annual electric bill of $100,000. Perhaps the chemical treatment program costs $5,000. Trimming that expense might result in fouled tubes, or worse, pitted tubes. Fouling might increase the operating costs by $18,000 annually, and pitting would shorten the life expectancy of the tubes.

A Delicate Equation

Water treatment is a balance and maintaining the correct chemical balance is the most economical way to preserve your equipment. By preserving the balance of preventing deposits, providing corrosion protection, and controlling microbial growth, a good chemical program reduces your utility bills, minimizes downtime, and extends the life of your equipment.

Consider all the factors and components when evaluating a water treatment program. Are the costs in line with expectations? Are service promises reasonable and are they being met? Is equipment being maintained? Is scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth under control?

If you have any doubts about any of these factors, please enlist the assistance of your Chemtex water treatment professional to help you work through all operational factors. It is important to consider many factors when managing the power plant and the effect of a water treatment program. We are here for the long haul, allow us to help you keep your costs low and your reliability high.

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