Service Report

What to Expect on a Service Report

What to Expect on A Service Report

A successful water treatment program is a partnership between your professional water treatment company and the on-site team. This partnership balances the hands-on, day-to-day evaluations and maintenance activities of the building staff with the expert perspective of an experienced water treatment specialist. It takes both to be successful.

When you’ve got a professional supplier on the team, you can expect them to visit at least monthly, and to provide a detailed written report. What should that report convey?

Contents of the Service Report

The service report should include test results, with any variances from prescribed parameters identified and highlighted.

When parameters are not being maintained successfully, the service report should identify the reasons this is taking place. It should also discuss possible steps to correct the problem.

Lastly, the report should clearly explain the consequences of not remedying these issues.

Expect Your Chemical Supplier to Deliver Insightful Advice

You should always review your service reports closely and make sure you completely understand the contents. If you find that your service reports tend to be identical month in and month out, you might want to place higher expectations on your water treatment supplier. As your professional set of eyes and ears, you are paying them for their cutting edge knowledge in the field, so you deserve more than routine testing.

An excellent supplier will be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your operation, and they’ll speak up about it. Seldom is a system so perfect that there is no room for improvement, so ask for their input. Do they have any ideas on how you can economize your system or otherwise improve the operation?

Service Report

While it’s easy to dismiss water treatment as just a bunch of chemicals strategically applied, the scope of water treatment can and should be much bigger. It’s about helping operators find the best way to protect their expensive capital equipment and operations. It’s about helping them understand and address down time costs. It’s about evaluating the ongoing equations balancing operational costs, manpower costs, risk assessments, and finding ways to improve them. It’s about finding ways to make systems run more efficiently, resulting in operational savings.

While sometimes the answers are simple, like a new controller or a new pump, your partner in water treatment should be helping you find new ways to view how you do business, and helping you build in improvements continuously.

At Chemtex, we pride ourselves on helping our clients examine their systems critically, and persistently pursue a better way. We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible for our customers.

Do You Need a New Water Treatment Partner?

If all your service reports look the same, you might suspect you’re dealing with a company that seems mostly interested in selling chemicals and telling you things are fine. You might need a new partner, a fresh set of eyes on your operation.

If you’d like to check out Chemtex, please get in touch. We have many references that can share their perspective, and tell you that we do the job right. Maybe we can help you too. With Chemtex on your side, you can rest assured we’ll work through all the aspects of your operation, and propose ways you can make your plant run even better.

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