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Nurturing Nature’s Lifeline

Nurturing Nature's Lifeline: Balancing Customer Service and Water Conservation

World Water Week Special Feature

In a world where technological advancements and customer-centric approaches have become the driving forces of business, here at Chemtex we continue to hold onto the principles of environmental preservation. As we approach World Water Week, we recognize our commitment to providing unparalleled customer service while ensuring minimal water usage and the protection of our planet’s most precious and finite resource.

What we will do for you

At Chemtex we preserve water by maximizing the number of cycles of concentration in the systems we treat. Evaluating the make-up and usage of the incoming water will help indicate what product we will need to use to maximize these cycles.

We complete this evaluation through onsite visits and a remote access controller that allows us to monitor the system operations in real time, email alerts and alarms, troubleshoot remotely, capture and manage data, and improve time management.

Our representatives’ efforts will enable you to reduce water consumption, which also reduces the energy needed to heat, treat, store, and deliver water.  This results in preserving water and saving you money.

Why the Chemtex Team

International Chemtex is one of the largest independently owned water treatment companies in the United States.  We are an ever-growing company with a big heart. Believing in a simple, focused, and driven approach has led us to bring quality customer service to each of our clients and ensure a service that is not only beneficial to our customers, but also to the environment.

We are determined to provide water treatment services that exceed others in our industry, with the responsiveness of a focused business maintaining the ability to pivot quickly in response to client needs and industry/economy changes.

How you can get started with Chemtex

We have an abundance of highly trained Chemtex Representatives ready to assist you in finding your facility’s optimal water treatment solutions and conservation efforts through routine service visits and examining of strategies, projects, and plans.

Want to Learn More?

Still questioning why you should implement water conservation processes?  Click here to read “Benefits of Water Conservation in Your Facility” to better understand why conserving water is best for your facility and how to begin implementing it.

Ready to Reach Out?

Chemtex is ready to help you make the most efficient use of water in your facility. Click here to contact your Chemtex rep for assistance with metering, leak detection, reclaiming alternate water sources, and more. We can help you save money and be more environmentally sustainable.

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